Multicoloured Natural Freshwater pearls 8mm.
14k gold filled hoop earrings.

Earrings height: 4.5 cm.
Hoop height: 3 cm.
Hoop width: 2.3 cm.
Earrings weight: 4g.

Pearl signifies faith, charity and innocence.  It enhances personal integrity and helps to provide a focus to ones attention. Pearl symbolises purity and is known as a “stone of sincerity”.  It brings truth to situations and loyalty to a “cause”.  

Inhibits boisterous behaviour.
Pearl treats digestive disorders and the soft organs of the body. It relieves conditions of bloating and biliousness.  Pearl increases fertility and eases childbirth.

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Magic Of Pearls

  • Natural freshwater pearls occur in freshwater molluscs without the intervention of humans. These pearls are beautiful accidents of nature caused by an irritant that becomes lodged inside the mollusc. The animal naturally coats the irritant with nacre to protect its sensitive internal tissues which creating a pearl.